Christians interrupt Hindu prayer in the U.S. Senate

Back in 2007, for the first time, a Hindu was invited to open Senate proceedings in prayer. Some of the “Christian and patriot” spectators found this to be an “abomination.”

Also the look on Rajan Zed’s face when he gets interrupted the first time is priceless…


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8 responses to “Christians interrupt Hindu prayer in the U.S. Senate”

  1. Jason says:


  2. Jasmine says:

    As a Christian, this kind of stuff is so embarrassing.

  3. Beth says:

    How rude. Some people are so closed minded.

  4. Pete says:

    I think you should know that God is a definition not a particular deity. The christian god’s name is Jehovah for the record.

  5. Yo diddy says:

    Because they’re in the Senate?

  6. dsimathguy says:

    You’re implying that all Christians are afraid. But, it says in the bible, “The LORD is on my side, of whom shall I be afraid?”Obviously, if you are a true Christian, you’re not afraid. If these Christians had actually been afraid, they would have kept silent. But you have to remember that America has in its pledge “One nation under God”, not “One nation under Allah, Buddha, *insert false god here*”. These Christians had a right to interrupt. And if you don’t like how America IS one nation under God, you can go live somewhere else.

  7. Stephanie says:

    We are not a Christian nation. Most of the founders of our country wanted people in America to be free from religious persecution (the first Americans came her from Europe because THEY had been persecuted) and they made separation of church and state for a reason.It is also such a pet peeve when people dismissively call other people’s gods a “false god”. To me, your God is a false God just like the rest of them, but I would never infringe on your right to pray and gather and worship. To you he is real and I wouldn’t even think less of you for choosing a different religious path than me. I just won’t be worshiping alongside you.

  8. slayerwulfe says:

    true like promoting a gov’t that is actually a religion, in various places around the world that you don’t want to visit.

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