Chris Brown Shoves Drunk Female Fan For Trying To Kiss Him On The Lips (Video)

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What a surprise. Chris Brown is in hot water again for violence against a woman.

It was nothing near the level of what he did to Rihanna, but it’s another stain on his resume.

Brown was in a club in Houston when a female fan, Mandee, grabbed Brown’s face, in what looked like an affectionate manner. Brown shoved her out of his way.

Mandee confessed she was intoxicated at the time and said she meant Chris no harm. She understands why he reacted that way, but she thinks the violent gesture was unnecessary.

Apparently, she is contemplating pressing charges, but it seems as if that would be a losing battle. She was drunk and grabbed Brown’s face without his consent. He shouldn’t have pushed her, but there was no real bodily harm done here.

The video of the incident is above.


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