Check Out Kanye West’s 40-Minute Oxford Lecture In All Its Glory (Video)

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Kanye West is a busy man. Not only is he busy with newborn sonSaint, theYeezyclothing line and upcoming albumSwish, he’s alsoapparently making time to give out 40-minute lectures at Oxford University.

The man, made famous for dropping out of college, visited the prestigious university earlier this year where he doled out advice to The Oxford Guild, the university’s distinguished business society.

According to Oxford, over 5,000 students applied to attend the lecture, while a mere 300 were able to attend.

In March, studentRuth McLean told BBC,

It was surprising how he barely talked about music at all. The talk mostly flipped between art, philosophy and politics and I think he sees no separation between those worlds.Some of the stuff he said about how only the rich having access to beauty in the form of luxury suggested a pretty explosive political agenda – which suggests to me some projects beyond music to come in the future.

Now, you can experience Kanye’s lecture in its full glory, thanks to the rapper finally giving permission for its release.

Check out the full, 40-minute lecture (yeah, it’s hella long) above.

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