‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Back for Ragu Ad

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Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, the two British lads who became a viral sensation in 2007, are back recalling the incident for a Ragu ad.

As Harry recalls five years on, the bite really hurt and instead of helping him, his parents just recorded the incident. Cue the music: “Charlie bit your finger like a rabbit or possum, but Dad kept on filmin’ cause he thought it was awesome.”

It turns out the “Charlie” kids and Ragu are a good fit for each other. The former recently launched a web series attempting to build on the success of the original video, which is the sixth most-viewed on YouTube. The latter broke an odd campaign over the summer presenting the spaghetti sauce as a salve for the indignations children suffer during their formative years.

It’s not clear exactly what this has to do with spaghetti sauce, but then again, Wonderful Pistachios appears to have made a name for itself by hitching its wagon to viral YouTube sensations as well. Perhaps the strategy isn’t as nuts as it seems.

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