Celine Dion At Home With Her Family

When it comes to global superstars, not many can compare to Celine Dion. She is the best-selling Canadian artist ever and has sold over 200 million records over the course of her illustrious career. Her hit song, “My Heart Will Go On,” can be heard at every slow dance throughout the world. 

Unfortunately, Celine has gone through a couple of horrible tragedies over the last few weeks. First, her husband and manager Rene Angelil passed away after a battle with cancer. The couple first met in 1980 and got married fourteen years later. Celine and Rene were one of the most beloved pairs in the music industry, and his death brought a wave of sadness to everyone who knew them. Two days after Rene’s passing, Celine’s brother Daniel died of cancer. The tragedy resulted in an outpouring of support for the singer who had supported so many others through her work. 

Six years before the tragedies, Celine let cameras inside of her home to get an inside look at the arrival of her twins. The footage shows Celine and Rene as parents and not as the global icons we imagine them to be. It’s a bittersweet video, but it shows how deep the connection between the two of them was.

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