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Chan Marshall, the singer and songwriter otherwise known as Cat Power, told her fans that she may have to cancel her upcoming European tour due to bankruptcy and health issues in a lengthy caption posted to her official Instagram account last night.

In case you didn’t know, angiodema is a condition that causes rapid, severe facial swelling.

Marshall has been dealing with substantial economic issues ever since she cancelled an entire U.S. tour in 2006 in order to be hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami for a psychotic break brought on by stress and alcohol abuse.

To make matters worse, Marshall paid to make her new album, Sun, entirely out of her own pocket. “To get away from people second guessing me and what I was going to do with the advance for this album, I said, ‘I’m going to fucking pay for this shit myself,’” she told Pitchfork earlier this year. “I wanted to call the shots to make sure I got what I needed to be done. So I cashed out my retirement fund, because I had no money, and moved to L.A. because I was in a relationship with someone.”

Hopefully this will all work out for Marshall, and the cost of producing Sun will be worth it, and not just on an artistic level. The album, far more electronic in nature than anything else she’s ever recorded, is among the best of her remarkable career.

Here’s the video for the record’s first single, “Cherokee.”

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