Cat adorably learns not to mess with the hedgehog

Lily the 8-month-old ragdoll kitten learns that she needs to be careful around Lucy the hedgehog…

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One response to “Cat adorably learns not to mess with the hedgehog”

  1. Alana says:

    No but hedgehogs are legit terrifying. Other animals hiss, growl, bark, yowl, etc etc etc…When a hedgehog is angry and about to inflict pain, they start aggressively sniffing.SNIFFING.WHY SNIFFING, I ASK YOU.Play the whole video, you can hear it!Also terrifying because the can move the spikes on their forehead at will, and if someone gets too close they will point them downward and then try to headbutt the offending creature. WITH THEIR SPIKES.They don’t bite, they don’t scratch, they try to AGGRESSIVELY STAB YOUYOU THOUGHT THOSE SPIKES WERE DEFENSIVEYOU THOUGHT WRONGDO NOT BE DECEIVED BY ITS CUDDLY APPEARANCEIT IS AN ANGRY SNIFFLING BALL OF MURDERFEAR IT

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