Carmelo Anthony Tried Really Half-Heartedly To Fight Kevin Garnett In A Parking Garage

Ray Stubblebine / Reuters

Last night during the Knicks-Celtics game, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got in a little scuffle under the basket. Words were exchanged (bad words, no doubt), and each received a technical foul.

In the fourth quarter, Carmelo picked up his fifth foul guarding KG, and as he walked to the bench barked “fuck you” in the general direction of the Celtics bench.

The Celtics went on to win the game, but Anthony was hardly finished. He allegedly approached the Celtics locker room, though no confrontation there actually seems to have taken place, and then waited for Garnett by the visiting team’s bus.

4. There were at least ten guys idling between Carmelo and the Celtics’ bus.

Despite the fact that these men appeared to be hobbits compared to the pro basketball player in their midst, they did a fine job separating Carmelo from his prey.

Then the police showed up, guns drawn. Not really, actually — they kind of just moseyed by.

One brave man held Carmelo back as he contemplated charging the bus in a blind rage (or…checked his phone. Hard to tell).

That was about it.

5. Here’s the full video of Melo brooding outside the bus. A suspension should be heading his way.

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