Can’t Quite Explain Why The NSA Scandal Makes You So Uncomfortable? I’ve Got Something For You.

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I’m not saying you’re going to make it to the end of this video ready to dress up as Edward Snowden for Halloween — I realize that’s a big ask — but at the very least, you might have a better understanding of what our government is doing.

In this interview, Glenn Greenwald (the reporter who first broke the Snowden revelations) lays out exactly what is so upsetting. At 1:34, Greenwald explains what a surveillance state is, and at 4:57, he gets into the really scary stuff. But scary in a “Schoolhouse Rock!” meets “1984” kind of way.

Listen, this is complex stuff, and there are smart people from all sides who are unsure how they should feel about Snowden. But it’s important to comprehend what’s going on so we at least know where to point our pitchforks.

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