Bud Light Built A Life-Size Pac-Man Maze And It Looks Amazing (Video)

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We’ve all seen some pretty awesome beer commercials debuted on Super Bowl Sunday over the years.

But this year, Bud Light has really gone above and beyond by building a life-size Pac-Man game for its Super Bowl XLIX commercial, and it looks just as epic as it sounds.

The commercial is part of Bud’s Up For Whatever campaign, and starts off with two unsuspecting guys sitting in a bar.

Things escalate pretty quickly from there, and after inserting a colossal quarter into a coin slot, they enter the massive arcade maze and begin running for their lives as they gobble up glowing dots along the way.

This impressive Pac-Man maze was equipped with everything from flashing lights and an awesome DJ to a bunch of big, glowing ghosts that chased down challengers as they raced to collect cherries throughout the course.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of classic 80s arcade games, this real life Pac-Man maze is a badass blast from the past and looks insanely fun.

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