Bravest Guy Ever Fishes A Shark Out Of The Ocean With His Bare Hands (Video)

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I truly do not and will never understand the appeal of fishing. What is so fun about sitting in a boat or on a dock, holding a pole with some string attached to it and waiting for fish to bite?

There are about a million other things I could be doing in my downtime, and waiting for fish to commit suicide in my hands is pretty far down on that list in terms of “fun.”

The guy in this video seems to share that sentiment, but instead of giving up on the sport altogether, he developed a more hands-on approach to fishing — literally using his bare hands.

Oh, and he’s not just fishing for flounder or carp. No, this guy is fishing for sharks. Big ones.

Watch as he jumps in the water and follows a fishing line to a massive blacktip reef shark and plucks it out of the ocean with his bare hands.

He holds the wriggling shark up for beachgoers to see, and it’s pretty incredible; the creature is at least half the size of the fisherman’s body.

The video was supposedly filmed in Jupiter Beach, Florida, where this species of shark is rampant. In an even ballsier move, the shark-catcher released the animal after catching it, risking an attack but, thankfully, saving the creature’s life.

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