BMW beautifully running into breakable barriers

3 responses to “BMW beautifully running into breakable barriers”

  1. Carol Cannon says:

    Well….. I’m gonna rush right out and buy me a BMW….. ‘Cause I don’t know how many times I’ve run into those kind of obstacles and had a major problem. Truthfully…… What was it trying to tell me?

  2. Marci says:

    *slow clap*

  3. Alex says:

    it’s supposed to be reminiscent of high-speed footage of bullets penetrating targets, which it is imo.this implies power, accuracy (translates to driving finesse), and, more abstractly, the blend of beauty and sheer power that such footage often portays.additionally, it highlights (and attempts to inflate the consumer’s opinion of) the beauty and general positive impression of the car by associating it with very cool/beautiful images (especially the balloons come to mind here, but the target was cool as well for the way they applied the one-perspective illusion and the apple was a pretty incredible smash)further, it implies that those associated with the car company are in touch with aesthetics, and are clever (you have to admit the items they decided to destroy were presented with great aplomb).finally, even if the objects are generally not very strong, the image of a car smashing other things with no ill effect on its own behalf submits a subconscious association between the car and durability, even if conciously we know that any car could break those that’s what it was trying to tell you.

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