Bill Nye teams up with vaccine truther Bill Maher to lecture GOP about science!/billmaher/status/378753895348322305

Friday night, “comedian” Bill Maher enlisted Bill Nye the Science Guy to explain science to neanderthal Republicans:

But when it comes to scientific illiteracy, Maher can find an excellent example by simply looking in a mirror.

Here are some of the, er, interesting scientific claims Maher has made over the years:

In addition, Maher appears to be sympathetic to the view that HIV does not cause AIDS and of course he opposes genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

Even a Daily Kos blogger noticed:

Maher and others like him annoy me so much.  The progressive community at its core bases it conclusions on facts and science, not conspiracy theories like the Right does with any number of issues.  Progressives are not Truthers.

“How much do we know about facts?” Maher smugly asked Nye.

Answer: Not much.!/JimB_1985/status/378962133880295424!/PatDollard/status/379140697061744640


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