Before It Gets Too Chilly Out To Do Anything, Why Not Make Your Own Winter Clothes?

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Summer weather is nothing more than a distant memory and winter is rapidly approaching.

The worst part is that keeping your house warm is not an inexpensive feat, and more often than not, it will keep you strapped for cash during the winter months. Buying a ton of winter clothes certainly doesn’t help the ol’ bank account either. Why not save a few hundred dollars by becoming one with your inner crafter and producing your own cold-weather wardrobe? There’s more than one way to stay warm, folks.

Here are 17 DIY winter clothing projects that will warm you up and give your credit card a break.

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1. Transform your favorite wool blanket into a fashionable coat.

2. These DIY ear warmers will keep you stylish and toasty.

3. This scarf requires absolutely no knitting whatsoever… just a lot of yarn.

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4. No animals were harmed in the making of this epic faux fur hat.

5. “I can’t hear you. I’m too busy enjoying my DIY earmuffs.”

6. Stay on trend without breaking the bank by upcycling an old sweater to make a pair of sweater boots.

7. 30 minutes or less and you’ll have yourself an adorable infinity scarf.

8. Keep your little ones warm by making some hooded ponchos.

9. These DIY pants have their very own heating system.

10. Don’t throw out your unused winter sweaters when there are sweater mittens to be had!

11. Stay nice and toasty with this wool coat.

12. If you haven’t figured it out, sweaters can be repurposed into just about anything, including these cozy sweater booties.

13. No need to scowl when you can make awesome winter fashions like this apple crisp cowl.

14. I never considered wearing a warm blanket as a shirt until I saw this awesome design.

15. You don’t see hand-warming muffs much, so why not make your own and bring them back into style?

16. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly make anything else from an old sweater, I give you the sweater beanie.

17. This thermal Katy dress is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and all the way to winter.

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Better get started on these winter projects now. Meteorologists are already expecting snow this weekend.

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