Barclays Pixel Premier League – Team of the Season


19 responses to “Barclays Pixel Premier League – Team of the Season”

  1. itsadummygrenade says:

    What….am….I looking at?

  2. Dreamare says:

    Why are you making a +1 comment on a post from Reddit, when most likely OP won’t see your comment anyways?

  3. Dreamare says:

    No, but I see no reason to, either.

  4. azazyel says:

    Is this from Reddit UK?

  5. giantspeck says:

    Why is the black guy holding Uncle Ben’s?

  6. TheStigsAmericanCousin says:

    This is sausage to me.

  7. Dreamare says:

    This is the best argument you guys have to offer? Seriously, +1 comments are shit-tier at best, and they’re killing the real good comments.

  8. Dreamare says:

    What’s Liverpool?

  9. Dreamare says:

    Take a look at PeanutBuddha’s or ShamrockFury’s comments, they’re usually of great quality most of the time.

  10. janitor142 says:

    I’ll just Doris this:

  11. tylerdaniels22 says:

    Scoring more goals than Torres for one. Not to mention his stellar defense

  12. rockapotamus says:

    where’s adam lallana? ramsey went missing for the second half of the season.

  13. BigDogBrah says:

    +1 for Garth Crooks and Uncle Ben. Seriously though swap Skrtel for Kompany, Terry or Cahill, put Aguero in for Rooney.

  14. spitfiremkiv says:

    *cries in a corner*

  15. JKHH says:

    *Barclays Premier League

  16. Aborn5 says:


  17. LFCkilla23 says:

    This is a piece of shit because Sturridge and Kompany aren’t there. Stop posting fakes.

  18. bddylve says:

    They’ll get there next year. Martinez is doing good things. But- you should sell us Barkley 😀 #YNWA

  19. riderofnohan says:

    RB Surely Zabaleta or Coleman? Hart, Skrtel and Rooney shouldn’t be anywhere near this team.

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