App Turns Smartphone Into a Sex Toy for Couples

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Nothing says sexy time like loading an app and connecting to Bluetooth technology. But for long distance couples or those who travel a lot for work, a new app called Vibease allows men to control a woman’s vibrator from afar, allowing couples to keep intimacy alive even when out of town.

The app requires an accompanying Vibease vibrator ($79.99) — or “massager,” as the company is calling it. After a couple syncs their smartphones together via the app, the female partner connects to the vibrator using Bluetooth connection. She then has to grant permission through the app to give her partner control.

To heat things up even more, the app features chat functionality, photo-sharing and the company recommends using video chat at the same time.

The concept came about when Vibease co-founder Dema Tio was doing long distance at the time — he was in Boston, while his wife was in Singapore.

“Although we were connected through Skype, we missed our intimate moments, and that was the hardest part. There is only so much software can do,” Tio told Mashable. “I couldn’t find anything that was easy to use and not invasive, so I decided to design something myself.”

“My wife found it exciting and at the same time, hilarious,” he added. “At first it was just a pet project, but I realized there are many couples out there are looking for this solution.”

The company is accepting pre-orders now until Nov. 30, but Vibease won’t ship until February. In the meantime, the app is available for Android devices and can be used in “solo mode” by using a smartphone’s vibrator as a tease, the company said.

This isn’t the first app solution for long distance couples — an app called Pair creates a private shared timeline for couples, allowing them to share texts, photos, videos and locations. It also includes a feature called “thumb kiss,” which vibrates the couples touches the same location at the same time.

Other apps include Dejamor, BoinkBox and Snapchat [iTunes link], a program for sharing sexy or naked pictures with a loved one before they automatically delete a few seconds later.

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