After You See These Plane Landings, You Won’t Fly Again.

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There is approximately a 1 in 11 million chance that you’ll die in a plane crash. (You’re more likely to die from falling out of bed.) That’s why most people are completely comfortable with air travel, even if it makes them nervous. You should never forget, though, that pilots are human.

Humans make errors, especially when external factors are particularly stressful. These landings are some of the closest calls caught on tape. They really make you appreciate just how much expertise pilots have.

1.) Avro 146 Sketchy Landing at London City Airport

2.) Frightening Typical Landing at Bhutan Airport

3.) JAL 747 at the Old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong in 1988 

4.) A Rough Landing in Alaska 

5.) A Scary, Last-Second Abort at Lisboa Airport

6.) Helicopter Attempts to Land at Sea and Crashes 

7.) Fighter Lands During a Violent Sand Storm 

8.) C17 Lands at the Wrong Airport 

9.) Fighter Jet Lands With Partially Ejected Pilot 

10.) Landing in Cross Winds … Without Left Landing Gear 


(H/T Old Junk Car)

Thank goodness the odds are in our favor. There’s basically no chance that you’ll get stuck on a plane… but you might want to clap at the end of your next safe flight (just to be appreciative). No one will look at you funny. 

Thank your lucky stars and share these crazy landings with others.

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