After 40 Years, These Sisters Finally Find Each Other While Working The Same Shift

Some people choose to believe in fate, that certain things are destined to happen to us. If you are one of these people, then this story would be a great example. Orphaned sisters Holly and Meagan were separated as small children in South Korea after they were adopted by different American families. When they moved to separate locations around the world, neither kept in contact and it was assumed by all that they would grow up to live their lives apart. 

40 years later, both Holly and Meagan found jobs at a medical center in Sarasota, Florida. Though they would often eat lunch together, neither suspected the shocking revelation that was about to come to light. One day while discussing their backstories, the two found out they both grew up in the same orphanage and that they both had the same Korean last name. After a DNA test, they found out they were indeed sisters. 7,000 miles away and 40 years after they were separated, the sisters were together again. Fate has a funny way of working.

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