A Turkish Company Is Cleverly Using Recycling Bins To Help Stray Dogs.

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There are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs all over the world. It’s difficult to put a finger on why there are so many. Some groups believe that irresponsible pet breeding and sales have resulted in the homelessness boom, while others suggest the lack of population control. Regardless of the cause, there are homeless dogs that need our help. Pugedon, a Turkish company, is working to help the people and the strays that live in Istanbul. The idea that they developed is brilliant.

The homeless dog population in Istanbul is a serious problem. The city’s streets are filled with these urban strays.

So, Pugedon developed something that would help both people AND the stray dogs.

It’s genius.

This box is just a recycling bin. However, it can do so much more than that. The machine has containers for water (where you can pour your leftover water before recycling the bottle) and for dog food. Every time a bottle is recycled, a fixed ratio of kibbles is dispensed into the container. The recycled bottles cover the cost of the food, so no one has to fund the supply. Not only are people going to recycle more, but the starving stray population can be fed. Check out the machine in action:

(H/T BigThink) This recycling bin hits two important birds with one simple stone. It would be incredible to see more units like this appear all over the world. We are drowning in plastic that we use. Strays are starving. It’s time to find a solution. Share this epic idea by clicking below.

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