A Second ‘Ghost City’ Was Spotted In The Sky Over China…Is This Another Dimension?

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Lately, China seems to be the land of strange happenings, hosting everything from ghost cars to ghostly cities in the clouds. While no one has managed to fully explain away the first ghost city that was spotted over the country’s Jiangxi and Foshan regions, a new cloud city was seen this month over Dalian, which is a major seaport in the Liaoning Province.

According to local newspapers, thousands of people spotted the floating city as it rose from the fog. While there is currently no word from officials about what exactly it was, a few witnesses managed to capture footage of the mysterious phenomenon.

(via Mysterious Universe)

The most conventional explanation for this ghost city is that it’s some sort of optical illusion. While a full-scale investigation is unlikely, I’d really love to know what was behind this.

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