A Majority Of Elementary School Girls Are Influenced By The Images They See In Magazines. Bad News.

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I know — we all get it, celeb pictures are Photoshopped. But I still believe that even though we know this, constantly seeing the end product without catching a glimpse of the “before” results in unrealistic ideals. And I think this is especially true for kids and teens.

Some of these are pretty extreme. +1 for Photoshop skills, -10 for realistic expectations.

Note that not all of these “after” images were published in magazines. While some certainly were — Kourtney Kardashian was not pleased about the the work OK magazine did on her photo — others were Photoshopped by random people after they were published.

Read more: http://upworthy.com/a-majority-of-elementary-school-girls-are-influenced-by-the-images-they-see-in-magazines-bad-news

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