A Kid Brought In These VHS Tapes To Be Digitized And They Are Creepy As Hell

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Remember good ole VHS tapes? Yeah, me too…they were such a pain. In 2016, there are still a lot of people who have them, though they aren’t necessarily able to watch them. The only way to watch them these days is to either use an old VHS player or have their content converted into a digital form. It’s a slow process, but there are businesses that specialize in it.

Redditor dispensergoinup worked for one such business a few years ago when a young man came in with three tapes he wanted to digitize. What follows is the creepiest 45 seconds since the 2002 movie “The Ring” — it was found on the second tape during the conversion process.

(source foundonthetape)

That is surreal and utterly terrifying. I would burn that tape if I found it. You can never be too careful when it comes to accidentally summoning demons.

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