A.J. McCarron Came To New York For An Axe-Brand Haircut And Talked About Twitter, Demonry, And His Mom

This handsome Southern gentleman is former University of Alabama quarterback and Heisman Trophy finalist A.J. McCarron.

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McCarron, who recently signed an endorsement deal with Axe Hair, interrupted training for the NFL draft to come to New York for a fancy haircut by celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski. Her clients include Justin Timberlake, Jonah Hill, and Eric Bana.

By contrast, McCarron spent the previous five years getting haircuts in Tuscaloosa, Ala., from two women who mostly “cut the mop that I had a little,” he said Wednesday.

Not that anything was wrong with those haircuts. Consider that they were good enough for McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb, a model and Miss Alabama 2012. “She loved it,” he said. “But I know she’ll like the new look.” We’ll see about that.

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Komorowski said she was going to give McCarron a “messy look, but textured on top” and that could be held into place by some of Axe Hair’s new line of styling gels “that girls love.”

Komorowski spent about 30 minutes fastidiously styling McCarron’s hair. Usually, her clients pay “a couple hundred dollars” for that privilege — which is a lot more than McCarron probably paid for haircuts in Tuscaloosa.

“I just want to show off that cute face,” Komorowski said.

The finished product! “One thing I was excited about was the [Messy Look Matte Hold Gel] I’m rocking was a different style and different look for me, and creates a new image for me going to the next level,” McCarron said casually, selling the brand. He may not be in the NFL yet, but McCarron is already a pro.

With the look and feel of a new man, McCarron spent eight minutes answering questions from BuzzFeed. Of this observation…

…which was retweeted 2,614 times, McCarron said: “I just felt some of the performances were Satanic and demonic. And I felt like there was a lot of evil going on in some of the shows that were going on.” He declined to point out a specific artist. “People can assume whatever they want. But I think if you watch the award show, you’ll be able to tell.” So probably Kacey Musgraves.

McCarron also addressed another widely circulated tweet, this one from his mother, Dee Dee McCarron.

Dee Dee wrote that after the national championship game earlier this month, which some perceived as an insult directed at the accent of winning quarterback — and reigning Heisman winner — Jameis Winston.

McCarron’s mother apologized in a follow-up tweet the next day.

McCarron blamed his mother’s critics for blowing the tweet out of proportion. “That’s the world we live in,” he said. “People take nothing and make it into something. People calling her a racist and whatever is pretty funny to me. I guess a lot of people don’t know that one of my goddaughters is black, is African-American. So I don’t know how we could be racist.”

Amazingly, McCarron said he hadn’t seen — or even heard about — the video of his college coach (and famous curmudgeon) Nick Saban doing the Electric Slide at a house party. “Wait. He did what?”

He did this, A.J.

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McCarron said he looks forward to turning his attention back to football. He’s working out in Jackson, Miss., readying himself for the NFL combine in February and other pre-draft workouts. “Things are going awesome. I’m trying to master my craft and wake up every morning and work almost a 13-hour day. But I’m glad I got two days off to come up here and get a new hairstyle.”

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That Messy Look Matte is coming for you, world.

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