A Couple Call Into A Hole In The Ground. When THIS Crawls Out They’re Stunned!

Do we have evidence that tortoises can respond to human voice?

Checking out this video, I would say so! It features Taco the Tortoise and he is deeply burrowed away and isnt coming out for anyone. Until that is, his owners call out his name! Cmon on out Taco. They were indeed amazed at when little Taco did indeed start making his way out! And apparently, this hasnt been the first time he’s responded to their call.

Heres what the owners had to say: Taco, the amazing tortoise, comes out of his burrow when called! We were in total disbelief, but the tortoise has done this several days in a row, and now we have video to prove it! Our itty bitty tortoise is incredible.

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