9 Web Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

1. Watch This Gloriously Funny PSA About Getting Off The Phone

Master YouTubers Rhett & Link have been thinking a lot about how much time we all spend staring at our phones. So they wrote this hilarious song about it. (3:31)

3. These People Are Skiing THROUGH A FOREST

And it’s breathtakingly cool to watch. This is the amazing “Forest Ski Segment” from a film called Valhalla.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/80938496.

5. Captain Picard Singing “Let It Snow!” Is Everything

There is literally nothing about this supercut that isn’t completely and totally delightful. Happy holidays, y’all! (2:11)

7. What Does Love Look Like To Kids?

BuzzFeed asked some kids to draw what love looks like to them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their answers were pretty darn sweet. (1:42)

9. 185 State Parks in One Incredibly Beautiful Music Video

Portland band The Weather Machine’s debut music video was shot in all 185 of Oregon’s state parks. The result is just as lovely as “Back O’er Oregon,” the song that accompanies it. (5:32)

11. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dramatic Reading Of R. Kelly’s “Genius”

The other day, Benedict Cumberbatch and R. Kelly were both guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So Kimmel did the only thing that made sense: He had Cumberbatch read R. Kelly’s new song “Genius.” And it was perfect. (1:53)

13. The Unbelievable View From The International Space Station

This mesmerizing time lapse, “The World Outside My Window,” is a montage of photographs taken from the ISS during Expeditions 29, 30, and 31. Trust us: You’re going to want to watch this thing in full screen. (2:28)

15. “Because Who Is Perfect?”

What would it mean to see a “disabled” mannequin? Pro Infirmis, a Swiss disability advocacy organization, made this moving video to provoke questions about our traditional definitions of beauty. (4:29)

17. Rebecca Black Is Back

And her new song is called… “Saturday.” Yup. (4:09)

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/rsultan/9-web-videos-you-cant-miss-this-week

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