8 Reasons We Swoon Over The Swon Brothers

1. 1. They’re Real Life Bros

The Wright Brothers, The Jacksons, Eli & Peyton, Mario & Luigi, Hanson… Brotherly love has a proven history of sweet success.

2. 2. They’re Oklahoma Natives

Country legends including Reba, Vince, Garth, Toby, and ZP alums Carrie and Blake also call this state home. In fact, this pair of proud Okies grew up right down the street from Carrie. There must be something in the water!

3. 3. They Rocked on The Voice

They weren’t crowned the winners, but these Team Blake brothers won us over with their unforgettable performance of “Danny’s Song.”

4. 4. Swoncerts

The Swon Brothers’ live performances are known as swoncerts and there’s nothing we love more than clever turns of phrase and quirky word combos: Cases in point? Ginormous, chillax, frenemy, dramedy, Brangelina. See what they did there?

5. 5. They’re Ambitious

This dynamic duo took their first shot at scoring a record deal when they were only 9 and 11-years-old. They practically begged their parents make a pit stop in Nashville to audition while on a family road trip. Boys will be boys!

6. 6. They’re Already Breaking Records

The duo’s debut single, “Later On,” was added to 80 radio stations the day it was released, breaking the standing record. Check out their awesome (adorable) reactions to the news!

7. 7. They Crowd Surf Like Rockstars

Talk about a supportive fan base!

8. 8. They Make Beautiful Shakiras

It takes guts to rock Shakira’s sexy “She Wolf” leotard!

9. Still Swooning?

Check out an exclusive interview with The Swon Brothers and hear their hit track, “Later On” in the Official 2014 ACM Awards ZinePak!

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Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/zinepak/10-reasons-we-swoon-for-the-swon-brothers-fsce

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