75-foot racing yacht breaks in half and sinks in less than 2 minutes

Halfway through the 1995 America’s Cup yacht race, disaster struck Australia’s boat. Probably due to structural deficiencies that were ignored in order to make the yacht faster, the framework simply couldn’t handle the force of the Pacific’s waves. It broke in half and was immediately sucked to the bottom of the ocean, 500 feet below.

The New York Times reported on the coolness of the crew in the face of the unfolding emergency…

The boat’s alternate skipper, Rod Davis, looked over at another crewman, a burly man named Iain Murray, and said, “Big Fellow, we’re going to sink.” Mr. Murray responded, “Yes, we’re going to sink.”

The 17-man crew was able to throw off their boots and jump off in time and were rescued by their competitor’s chase boat.

Here’s the harrowing incident with the original commentary…

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