6 short videos to teach high-schoolers logic

These videos from Bridge8 were created to teach students the basics of critical thinking with an emphasis on science. And they’re not a bad refresher for the rest of us, either…

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6 responses to “6 short videos to teach high-schoolers logic”

  1. sawilhelm says:

    Loved them! Everyone, not just high-schoolers, should watch these.

  2. sali says:

    I only watched the first one and I find it difficult for a teenager to understand it, there are a lot of ideas crammed up in there and none is explained thoroughly enough. Also the graphics are crap. This is a a complete failure, IMO. Did it ever work?

  3. DC says:

    Global warming(Global Climate change) isn’t a theory. Is the global climate changing? This is pretty much incontrovertible fact. It is changing. The theory would be more properly called the Theory of man made climate change, that our emissions of co2 and other green house gases are the cause of change. I have my suspicions about this theory because nearly everything I have read really starts from the assumption we are the cause, and I have yet to see work that demonstrates a definitive causal link. I realize that that work may be out there, I just haven’t seen it. Much the same way physicists ask what are the testable prediction of string theory , I ask the same of man made climate change. The theory of evolution by contrast made many predictions that have been tested and proven true. Not all theories are created equal.

  4. Thorston says:

    Good stuff! I do have some qualms. In your first video, you say that the young lady’s argument should be structured as 1. All people are allowed to go, 2. I am people, Therefore I should be allowed to go.That’s not valid!In order for this argument to be a valid Modus Ponens argument, the first premise should say all people should be allowed to go.Furthermore, the argument, as its presented, is circular. Well, maybe not quite. But, if the first premise is true, then there is no need to have the argument at all! The whole point of showing that she should be able to go is to have the person she’s talking to give her permission to go.Finally, even if the argument were valid, it still wouldn’t be sound.The girl knows that all people EXCEPT her are allowed to go. If there is an exception, which there is, then it’s not true that all people are allowed to go. It’s an implicit bandwagon argument!

  5. Elston Gunn says:

    Yes. The narrator defines a theory as a “well tested rule which is based on logic, explains repeated observations, and has been used to make accurate predictions.”And I believe his line of logic follows more like this: all scientific theories are useful and difficult to ignore. Global warming is a scientific theory. Therefore, the theory of global warming is useful and difficult to ignore.If you want to question how the label of “theory” is bestowed, officially recognized, etc, that’d be valid.

  6. slayerwulfe says:

    I liked your reply but I believe this person Kristina still does not understand and logic proves it because theory is misunderstood. Atomic theory: no one has ever seen an atom or even a molecule, sometimes a single atom is a molecule but usually two or more atoms form a molecule. The theory is used to form compounds your body is various compounds and sometimes a persons heart stops. While what creates life is unknown many times it can be restarted without touching it using theory. A lot of things aren’t proof they just work.

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