31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

1. This is what happens if you accidentally fall asleep with wet hair.

2. When you realize you shouldn’t have tried to straighten your hair, but it’s too late to turn back…

3. You get bangs, and realize you’ve made a huge mistake.

4. And then trying to grow out your bangs, and having this happen:

5. Your hair looks great for five minutes, then it’s back to the POOF.

6. Helmets are your mortal enemy.

7. But so is humidity, in general.

8. Waking up and discovering that your hair has grown three sizes in every imaginable direction.

9. You spent a fortune on products, and they last all of a month.

10. These have become your new BFFs.

11. Whenever you try to get up on someone, your hair inevitably gets in the way.

12. Snapping hair ties with the force of your curls on the regular.

13. When you use way too much mousse and your hair gets CRUNCHY.

Crunchy hair = unhappy me.

14. Frizz, in general.

15. People are always trying to touch your hair, which just makes it frizzier.

16. The fact that it will take all day for your hair to fully dry, and you can’t do anything about it.

Blow-drying will only make it worse!

17. When you wear your hair up, it’s like one giant pom-pom.

18. People saying, “Your hair looks so much better straight!” and thinking that’s a compliment.

19. Combing your hair is useless.

20. And often makes things worse.

21. You’ve accepted that curls will regularly be in your mouth.

22. Being afraid to cut your hair too short, because this might happen:

23. You leave the house, and your hair looks great! Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window, and everything is terrible, and you don’t know what you did to deserve this.

24. This is what happens when you try to brush your hair.

25. This is what happens when you try to wear a hat:

26. The dilemma of having a GREAT hair day, but knowing you need to take a shower and that could ruin it all.

27. Finding a stylist who won’t destroy your hair world is A TERRIFYING ENDEAVOR.

I’m praying for you, boo.

28. But even though you have a love-hate relationship with your curls, there are those truly amazing hair days.

29. Where you feel fierce and like YOU OWN THIS.

30. And you wonder why you ever wished you had straight hair in the first place…

31. Yeah, you get it with your beautiful, curly-haired self!

Bonus curly video, so you know you’re not alone:

Curly folks unite!

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