26 Important Lessons We Learned From “Father Ted”

1. We learned that horses are LOVELY.

2. (Although we need to lose that sax solo.)

3. We learned how to protest.

4. No, really, a lot of people learned how to protest from Father Ted.

5. We learned what we say to a cup of tea.

6. We learned the brute force approach to working out someone’s name.

7. We now know the name of Slovakia’s premier lens manufacturers, Feckarse Industries.

8. And we’ve got a pretty good idea of who shot J.R.

9. It taught us how to discuss religion.

10. Taught us that clean windows are important for racial harmony.

11. And taught us the best tactics for escaping from a lingerie department.

12. Some valuable road safety tips.

13. And why you shouldn’t use your phone while driving.

14. Also some really useful car maintainence tips.


15. It informed a grateful nation that the following are all valid methods for restoring an unhappy sheep’s self-confidence.

18. We learned the importance of this diagram.

19. We learned the importance of challenging sexism.

20. We learned the importance of hiding the evidence.

21. We learned that you can say a lot with very few words.

22. And we learned that very little on TV has been quite as good since it ended.

But that’s okay, because we can WATCH IT ALL ON THE INTERNET. Woooo!

23. But the most important lesson, of course, is this: these cows are small.

24. But those other cows? The ones out of the window? Different story.

25. Let’s go over that one more time.

26. Understand now?


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