25 Craziest Images On Google Street View


From a lone baby crawling in front of a Gucci store to a superhero sleeping on a park bench these are the 25 craziest images on Google Street View.

25. A lonely baby outside a Gucci store

24. A tiger walking through a parking lot

23. Somebody climbing out of their window

22. A reindeer running away from the Google street car

21. A boy riding his bike into a wall

20. A ninja dog

19. A superhero sleeping on a park bench

18. A guy carrying a stop sign

17. People with masks hanging out in the desert

16. A car that ran into a ditch

15. Horses crossing the road

14. A woman just sitting in the road

13. A bad guy in the back of police truck

12. Another car that ran into a ditch

11. A cow dragging itself across the road

10. A monkey just chilling on a wall

9. More monkeys chilling in a pool

8. Somebody escaping from jail

7. A body laying in the road

6. Russian gangsters with big guns

5. A mummy sitting by the road

4. A guy walking around with a gun

3. A drug bust

2. Another drug bust

1. A guy just eating lunch with his alpaca

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