21 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is Just Like George Bush

Obama and Bush are just like the same person! Don’t believe me?

21. They are both Hitler.


20. They both are super awkward dancers.


19. They both love to run down the halls of the White House with their fluffy black dogs.


18. They both ran against out-of-touch rich white guys from the east coast.




16. They both have two daughters.


15. They were both athletic in their younger years.


14. The both love golf and make weird faces while playing it.


13. They both had awesome hair in school.


12. They both picked crazy, white-haired vice presidents who LOVE shotguns.



11. They both smashed their heads on Marine 1.


10. They both have embarrassing problems with China.


9. They both went to Harvard.


8. They both look badass in a cowboy hat.


7. They both married women who worked in education.


Laura Bush was a teacher. Michelle worked for the University of Chicago.

6. They are both tall.

5. They both love to give ridiculously staged speeches.

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4. They both have major beef with Kanye West.

3. They both are going grey before our very eyes.

2. They both contributed hefty sums to the national debt.

1. They both love bombing countries run by dictators with mustaches.


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