2010 True Grit trailer remade with 1969 True Grit footage


Here’s the actual trailer for the new True Grit for comparison…

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6 responses to “2010 True Grit trailer remade with 1969 True Grit footage”

  1. talley says:

    have you seen the new one? i actually think it’s better.

  2. Charles Jannace says:

    Please indulge me with another comment, the value of which is indeed questionable, but I can’t resist, especially after watching the second trailer for the first time. I believe that casting is a critical component of a movie. With the exception of Glen (Drugstore Cowboy) Campbell, the casting in the original (I can’t believe I now have to use that word) True Grit was exceptional. If the trailer is representative and reliable, the cast in the new movie is bland and appears to prove my point. Spielberg has chutzpah to be involved in this Christmas turkey.

  3. Jayson says:

    Bland?! All three of the main characters were phenomenal. Jeff Bridges, in particular, was an absolute force, completely convincing and enchanting. Furthermore, the cinemetography was gorgeous, the sets and costumes flawless, the dialog witty, quick, and and yet believable. The Cohen brothers are ALMOST without equal in hollywood right now.But then again, I’ve seen the movie.

  4. Charles Jannace says:

    In that case, I’ll give it a try but I much better at being contumacious.

  5. Carder says:

    This is exactly why I made this video. Still loved the 2010 version, but grew up with the old one. I was tired of people giving credit to the 2010 version, where the 1969 version was actually the innovator. Had it not been the Cohen’s (one of my favorite film teams) and one of my favorite actors, I would have probably never gone to see this just out of disapproval haha.

  6. Emily Jayne says:

    The “original” version you speak of is still a film adaptation and therefore should not be held as the standard for the story. Charles Portis’ novel is the standard and the 2010 adaptation is truer to that standard.Although I grew up the right way (i.e. watching John Wayne movies) I firmly believe that the 2010 version is an excellent movie. Everyone I saw it with was pleasantly surprised by how good it was – even my father who saw it in ’69 and many, many times since on VHS/DVD and who had decided previously that he wasn’t going to like the new one! You should go see the new version because you might be pleasantly surprised as well.

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