17 Things You Never Even Knew Hair Could Do

1. Hair tapestries …

Which when finished, look like this:

2. The mohawk braid:

3. Safety-pinned hair:

4. A braided arch:

5. Unicorn hair:

6. Buzz cut art so realistic, it’s confusing:

7. Braid hearts:

8. Be adorned with hair rings:

9. Hair stamping:

10. The pointed pony:

11. Diamond pigtails:

12. This sculptural amazingness:

13. Corset braids:

14. Be sculpted into a rose:

15. Or an even more delicate spiral:

16. Glittered sections:

17. Or metallic foiled roots:

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/things-you-never-even-knew-hair-could-do

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