16 Sexy Celebs Want To Wish You A Happy Valentine’s Day

1. Robert Downey Jr. can barely contain his excitement over making you this homemade card.

2. Plus Harry Styles and his dreamy hair have something to say…

3. And President Obama makes loving you a matter of national security.


4. Tom Hiddleston hopes that his British accent doesn’t change how you hear these three magical words…

5. While Zac Efron has so many feelings that they drip out of his eyes, in loving tears.

6. Same with this psycho from “American Horror Story.”

Watch your back with this one.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio just realized his life had absolutely no meaning before meeting you.

8. The Biebs may sing to millions of fans, but in his mind he might as well be singing to a crowd of one! (Hint: You’re the one!)

Love can be creepy sometimes!

9. Ryan Gosling doesn’t need to think about eternity, because he found you.

10. Harry Shum from “Glee” wants to use his hands to let you know how his heart feels.

It beats only for you.

11. While Darren Criss is so enamored that he has to hold his chin up under the weight of all those emotions.

12. Even though Liam Hemsworth may be shy about saying the “L” word, it’s clear he can’t live without you.

Sorry we’re not sorry, Miley!

13. Jake Gyllenhaal’s making a proposition for a lifetime of love. Will you answer his siren call?

14. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s about to take your breath away.

15. As is Dan Stevens.

16. While Channing Tatum is offering up his body for your Valentine’s Day pleasure.

We love you stripping too!

Check it out: A dance he choreographed just for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love, All of these men.

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