15 Ghoulish Twists On Classic Foods That’ll Liven Up Your Halloween Party

If you’re a parent (or not), chances are you have at least a few Halloween celebrations to host or attend this year.

Whether you’re planning a party at home on All Hallow’s Eve or want to give your kids some snacks to share with their classmates, Halloween-themed treats are a sure-fire way to get everyone into the spooky spirit. Here’s a mix of cute and creepy recipes to get you started.

1. Rotten deviled eggs never looked so tasty.

2. Not many think of the word “cute” when they see spiders, but these adorable cookies are the exception.

3. Why make boring Rice Krispie treat squares when you can turn them into pumpkins?

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4. These ghosts in the graveyard dessert shooters are so adorable I’m not sure I’d want to eat them!

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5. Your kids will have a blast eating mac and cheese that looks like toxic waste.

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6. These spicy sesame snake breadsticks need to slither into my belly right now!

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7. VooDoo punch makes for the perfect Halloween party drink.

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8. These mummy hot dogs are fun to make and fun to eat!

Our Ordinary Life

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9. Cross over to the dark side with some black lemonade.

Instructables / wold630

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10. Even after the holiday is over, you can turn your leftover candy into witch’s brew brownies

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11. Olives form the perfect little spiders on mini pizzas!

Recipe Runner

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12. Talk a walk in the evil queen’s shoes and serve up some “poison” apples.

Wanna Bite

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13. Give mummies a spicy twist by making them into jalapeño poppers.

Frugal Coupon Living

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14. Cut little faces into your tortillas and you’ll have Jack-o’-lantern quesadillas!

Florassippi Girl

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15. Your guests will definitely feel like someone’s watching them when these eyeball cookies are resting on your treat platter.

Homemade Hooplah

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