15 Best Moments Of Thanksgiving

1. 1. Putting on your eating pants.

2. 2. Basting the turkey.

Ooh, that smell!

3. 3. Pulling pie out of the oven.

4. 4. Carving off the first slice of turkey.

5. 5. The seductive dance of canned cranberry sauce.

6. 6. Pouring gravy over everything.

7. 7. Stirring around a bowl of silky mashed potatoes.

8. 8. Adding a little more stuffing to your plate.

9. 9. Tearing off a piece of turkey skin.

10. 10. Pouring another glass of wine.

Important when celebrating with family.

11. 11. Not even noticing that those are vegetables in the green bean casserole.

12. 12. Seconds.

Yes, please! And thirds, too.

13. 13. Laying a huge dollop of whipped cream on a slice of pie.

14. 14. Cutting through crunchy gooey pecan pie.

16. Thanksgiving is so close, you can almost taste it!

Uncle Phil is definitely excited.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/andrewgauthier/the-15-best-moments-of-thanksgiving

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