13 Weirdest Things Andrew W.K. Did In The Name Of Partying

1. Andrew W.K. was invited — then cancelled — as the U.S. ambassador of Partying to Bahrain.

2. In his tamer moments, he filled in as a substitute weatherman.

“The green cloud is not slime. It’s just an alien invasion.”

3. On tour, he danced and performed on a replica of his own head.

4. He spoke about Pinkie Pie for an hour at a Brony convention in Ohio.

Andrew W.K. apparently sees himself in Pinkie Pie. The brony convention was, according to him, “one of the most intense experiences of [his] life.”

5. He zapped David Blaine with a million-volt keyboard.

Or at least played keyboards at the illusionist’s stunt so it looked like he was zapping him with a million volts.

6. He taught ‘yoga’.

Party til you puke. Puke til you yogo. Andrew bb, are you okay?

This doesn’t look like yoga at all.

7. At SXSW, he urged us to wash our disgusting groins with Playtex wipes.

Fresh + Sexy wanted a spokesman that embodied those spontaneous moments when we wanted to play but stank too much. He held a confessional booth for people to tell stories of times they wished they washed their grundles.

8. Andrew did the ghost chili wing challenge with rapper Action Bronson.

Ghost chilis are the world’s spiciest peppers. In India, weapon-grade pepper sprays are made from them.

9. He once drummed for 24 hours straight.

He broke the world record for “longest drum session at a retail store” in Times Square. I can’t even watch Netflix for 24 hours.

Questlove, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nick Jonas, and even Lil Bub swung by to lend moral support.

10. And he gave the best one-word interview response on Fox News.

11. I’m not sure how habanero figured into this party.

12. He plays a pizza guitar.

Original #pizzapunk.

13. He partied with the Most Interesting Man On Earth.

Andrew W.K. is probably his dad.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/kevintang/delightfully-weird-andrew-wk-stunts

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