11 Delicious Ways To Celebrate Oyster Season

1. Grill ‘em.

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Fire up the grill one last time and add some oyster to mix it up. Grill them in their shells or on the half shell with some toppings, like a flavored butter. Get the recipe here.

2. Treat yourself to oyster happy hour.

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Just because you’re strapped for cash doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these little mollusks. There are plenty of places to choose from that will have oysters on special, sometimes for just a dollar each!

3. Try an oyster stout.

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While it may not taste like an oyster (do you really want your beer tasting like oyster?) Flying Dog’s Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout is made with whole oysters from Rappahonnock River in Virginia.

4. Sample as many kinds as you can find.

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Try different types of oysters from different places, and you’ll start to appreciate the huge variety of flavor, texture, and size they come in. This assortment is from the Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle, WA.

5. Throw back a boozy oyster shooter.

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The idea of mixing oysters and alcohol might get your gag reflexes going, but this combination is actually amazing and worth a try for any oyster enthusiast. Click here for recipes from Chef Ben Pollinger of Oceana.

6. Download the Oysterpedia app.

Created by The Mermaid Inn in NYC, Oysterpedia helps take the guesswork out of ordering and helps you discover the differences between varieties. Learn where and how each oyster was harvested, and what the flavor profile is like. You can even save specific oysters you like. Download here.

7. Get your hands on a fried oyster po’boy.

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Delicious fried oysters nestled on a fluffy baguette, topped with crunchy lettuce and juicy tomatoes. An American classic hailing from Louisiana! Get the recipe here or pick one any of these while visiting New Orleans.

8. Make your own mignonette.

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This classic sauce is traditionally served with raw oysters and consists of minced shallots, cracked pepper and vinegar. Click here for the recipe.

9. Learn how to shuck like a pro.

Don’t be afraid; all you need are the right tools. Check out a step-by-step guide here.

10. Find an oyster farm and see how they’re harvested.

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It takes years for an oyster to fully mature. If you’re near a coast, head to your local oyster farm to see how they get from ocean to table.

11. Explore oyster bars across America.

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Each one unique and bursting with oysters. Check out this list for some of the best.

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