10 Years After His Death, Graham Chapman Made Us Laugh

Graham Chapman is widely known for his work in the popular British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python. Even if you aren’t an avid Python fan, chances are you’ve at least seen a clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where you experienced Graham Chapman’s unique brand of humor. Tragically, Chapman passed away in 1989 from spinal cancer, but ever since then the remaining five members have never stopped honoring his legacy. 

This 1998 clip from “Live At Aspen,” in which the troupe brought out an urn filled with Chapman’s “ashes,” is a perfect example of how well his best friends understood his comedic sensibility. Nearly ten years after his death, Monty Python found a way to incorporate Chapman into one of their sketches, knowing that nothing would bring him more joy than making the audience laugh one last time.

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