10 “Girls” Parodies Worth Watching

1. Cats

Memorable quote: “The internet is filled with cats, and I just need my YouTube channel to go viral and be seen by Grumpy Cat’s manager. My ex-boyfriend is Instagram famous.”

2. Gilmore Girls

Compelling Evidence: That, with a few soundtrack changes, Girls would have made for excellent early 2000s after school TV.

3. Bros

There’s more: It’s a whole series — Episode 2 is called “Murray Chill.”

4. Grills

It’s About… Barbecues.

5. Spring Breakers x Girls

Late Contender For: Your scrapped “Best Of Things People Argued About On The Internet In 2013 List”

6. Boys

Uh… “The world is our oyster… and I want to fuck that oyster.”

7. Sqirls

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/45344767.

Possible Season 3 Plotline: Hannah adopts a squirrel.

8. Game Of Girls

Favorite New Couple: Marni and Sam.

9. SNL’s Girls

Featuring: Tina Fey as Blerta.

10. Girls Season 38

When I’m 64: “You left your doughnuts by my toilet” is still a reasonable pickup line.

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