1 Tiny Battery Is Placed In A Slice Of Baloney. 2 Hours Later… EVERYONE Should Watch This!

The holidays have resulted in many children receiving toys that require batteries. We sometimes place more safety importance on the toy itself, while forgetting that the batteries also pose a lot of risk.

Heres a video which details the dangerous risks that batteries pose and what to watch out for.

To hit the point home they take a small battery and put it on a piece of baloney. After a few hours? The battery does damage to the meat, the same way it could do damage if it got lodged inside a child if he or she swallowed it.

This was the unfortunate case for little Hunter, only 4-years-old. Thanks to his grandma, he was quickly rushed to the hospital and they were able to remove it from his windpipe before the battery did damage.

A very important video to share with your friends and family to bring awareness to this potential threat regarding batteries.

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